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About Good Architecture

We specialize in "New Old Homes".  We design all new traditional homes, we renovate great old homes, and we transform commonplace existing homes into traditional masterpieces, often taking them back in time.

The architecture of the past captivates our hearts because more often than not it looks and feels genuine. A house used to look like a house, not just another anonymous box, and a good house was invariably a unique work of art created by and for its' owners. In the classic film, "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House", Cary Grant and Myrna Loy play a married couple who are in the process of having their new home designed and built for their family. As they struggle through the trials and tribulations of designing and building their ideal home, they rise above their doubts and realize their dream. A close friend of the Blandings, played by Melvin Douglas, puts it best at the end of the story; "Maybe there are some things you should buy with your heart and not your head. Maybe those are the things that really count."

Today, we think that fine architecture should look and feel genuine to you, too, whether you find it in a cottage or a grand mansion. The styles we like tend to echo the traditions and styles of earlier days, when houses were designed with their inhabitants in mind, and when beauty was not viewed as an unnecessary "extra". Craftsman, Colonial Revival, American Shingle, French, Italian, English, Mediterranean, Mission, Victorian, Neo-Classical, Beaux Arts, Arts and Crafts, Adirondack Camp, Rocky Mountain Rustic, Spanish Colonial, and other wonderful styles that once inspired our grandparents and great-grandparents, are becoming extinct, replaced by acre after developed acre of subdivisions filled with those dull boxes. We prefer the traditional and classical, the beautiful. Outdated? Obsolete? We don't think so.

Mark Nelson was selected as one of 8 of the best architects and design professionals from across the country to compete in 2007 Traditional Building Design Challenge in Boston, tasked to design a new "old" house in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Drawing by hand on the exhibit hall floor, with 4000 attendees watching the process, Mark garnered second place with these 2007 Traditional Building Design Challenge sketches of this grand new house in the Shingle Style that originated in this area in the 1890's 

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