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Green Traditions

Our traditional homes are all about:

  • Sustainability  Our homes are created to look as if they have been there for generations, and are designed to last for generations more.

  • Comfort  Our traditional homes can truly fit their sites, neighborhoods and climate.  Oriented to catch the sun's light and warmth in winter and with architecture that keeps it cool in summer.  With natural and traditional materials and architecture that makes everyone feel comfortable.

  • Efficiency  Today we can combine the latest in energy efficient and resource efficient technologies with simple traditional practices to create homes that are truly the best of old and new.

  • Beauty  A beautiful home that's made to last will be cherished and cared for, for a long, long time.  Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder.  There is something about a well designed traditional home that speaks to all of us; to our shared sense of place, peace and beauty as few other things can.

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