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Classic Little Houses

People always ask me if we have pre-designed house plans for sale. Over the years I've been busy designing hundreds of custom homes, renovations and transformations, but my wife Gloria and I have wanted to produce a line of our own "pre-designed" house plans, to offer the best we can design at prices made more affordable by multiple sales.

So, in the spirit of the times, we will start out small, and hopefully over time build up a portfolio of the best "Classic Little House" plans for sale.

If you'd like to be a part of this process, and your new house project fits the profile of what we'd like to develop, we will be able to save you a significant part of the cost of architectural drawings by your participation.

1st We're looking for smaller houses to do, ranging from 1200 to 2200 sf.

2nd We would like to provide a range of classic style "categories", and are initially focusing on developing 1 plan per style to begin with. (See following diagrams for a few of our initial ideas).

3rd We are going to provide architectural construction drawings derived entirely from a Google Sketchup model of each house (instead of hand-drawn as we do for most of our custom house designs). This is a fantastic opportunity for participants because as a result of this you will receive a fully viewable 3D model of your project. It also means we will be standardizing the construction drawings to be usable by a broad spectrum of clients across the country, perhaps around the world.

4th We are interested in providing tried and true designs for energy efficiency, sustainability and a healthy environment. That also means we will be blending 'state of the art' ideas with time tested patterns that make homes comfortable, as well as efficient (which is what we always do anyway). All houses will be designed to conform with the latest International Residential Code.

5th As is always the case, people who purchase pre-designed 'house plans' are taking the responsibility for getting their house built well. This usually means finding a very good contractor (which again we always recommend), and other consultants as you and your site require.

Email us with your ideas to see if we can help you create your new home in this way.

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